The Famous International Speaker Dr. Minal Sampat Visited SNBP For Students · Dasharath Bhosale

The Famous International Speaker Dr. Minal Sampat Visited SNBP For Students

Originally posted on November 26, 2018 @ 2:11 pm

Dr. Minal Sampat is a very well-known international speaker, marketing coach, and a top-notch strategist. Her passion for marketing shifted her focus from being a dental hygienist to a dental professional plus a marketing coach. She has helped numerous companies with her impeccable strategy building techniques and marketing knowledge. Dasharath Bhosale, SNBP invited her to SNBP so that students can learn some soft skills from her.

Spreading positivity and knowledge together
SNBP, Pune has been promoting celebrity visits for a reason. Getting the opportunity to interact with real-life influencers of different fields widens the perspectives of students, which is necessary for their growth. Dr. Minal Sampat is an eloquent speaker, and she has the power to grab everyone’s attention. She did something similar at the best international school in Pune too. Not only did her words kept the students engaged till the end, but they also sparked encouragement, positivity, and the desire to achieve something in life.

Students loved her session
Dasharath Bhosale ensured that students get the opportunity to ask their questions, and Dr. Minal was more than happy to feed the curious minds. The visit by Dr. Minal Sampat was full of learning, as she also encouraged students to hone their soft skills alongside doing well in academics. The students were all excited and happy, even when the visit came to an end owing to the value-packed session they attended.

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