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Originally posted on March 20, 2019 @ 6:42 am

One of the effective and best ways to learn more about a person or organization is by going through the blogs related to the same. Mr. Dasharath Bhosale, the founder of SNBP, has achieved great heights and has contributed effortlessly to the growth of the entire SNBP chain of educational institutes in Pune. His credibility and authenticity can be proved with the fact that he managed to call many renowned celebrities in the school premises.

Dasharath Bhosale SNBP is a name that most of the people belonging to the education field are aware of. It’s because of his hard work and efforts that SNBP is included in the list of best international schools in Pune. You can check all the blogs as it will throw light on Mr. Dasharath Bhosale as an individual and an educationalist.

As he believes in imparting quality education to all children of different strata of the society, his contributions have made a significant impact. From his achievements to the celebrity visits arranged by him- and everything in between can be known about him from the blogs. If your children study in SNBP, then you’ll probably feel proud to have got your kids enrolled in a school that is founded by a selfless leader. And if your kid’s study in some other schools then you will probably consider shifting them to SNBP.

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