Raveena Tandon’s Visit Left Students Thrilled and Happy · Dasharath Bhosale

Raveena Tandon’s Visit Left Students Thrilled and Happy

Originally posted on November 14, 2018 @ 2:52 pm

She is a famous Bollywood actress that doesn’t need any introduction. Apart from being a fabulous actress, she is a producer and model too. Her flawless work has earned her many awards and recognition in the industry. One of her most pleasing traits is her desire to contribute towards the betterment of society. She is an active social worker, and she has been advocating for strict laws against child labor in India. Raveena has also done a social campaign for PETA.

Dasharath Bhosale and Raveena Tandon made it a day to remember
While Raveena may appear to be a bubbly actress, her love for children is not known to all. She loves kids and her friendly interaction with the students of SNBP, Pune proved it. Not only did she make the event fun and entertaining, but she also kept the event informative and educational in nature. Dasharath Bhosale and the other core members of SNBP accompanied her throughout the event, and also gave students an equal opportunity to ask questions.

The event had everything a student can ask for
When Raveena was invited to visit SNBP, the best international school in Pune, no one expected that it is going to be a fun and value-packed event. From fun performances to serious career discussion- Raveena did everything for the students. Dasharath Bhosale, SNBP made the event more special by organizing it flawlessly for everyone. In a nutshell, it was a celebrity visit that was cherished and enjoyed by everyone.

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