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Karishma Kapoor Visited SNBP And Shared Her Inspiring Story

Originally posted on December 14, 2018 @ 3:04 pm

Everyone knows Karishma Kapoor, one of the most popular Bollywood actresses of all time. Despite having a filmy background, she faced many difficulties in earning a name because when she started her career, Bollywood was considered to be a male-dominated industry. Going against all the odds, she proved her talent with her blockbuster movies and also received tons of accolades. Karishma Kapoor has won the award for best actress, national film award, Filmfare awards, and many more awards and recognition.

Promoting women empowerment
Mr. Dasharath Bhosale was keen to invite Karishma Kapoor so that she can encourage all the girl students at SNBP. Overcoming difficult paths and achieving success should be the ultimate mantra, said Karishma Kapoor, while addressing the students at SNBP. Over the years, SNBP Pune has earned a respectful position in the society owing to the hard work and leadership of Dasharath Bhosale. It is one of the few reasons that convince celebrities like Karishma Kapoor to visit such schools.

A visit that turned out to be a fun ride for students
This was one of the best celebrity visits as everyone present enjoyed to the fullest and also gained some valuable insights from one of the best Bollywood actresses. SNBP is a leading international school in Pune that values both academics and non-academics for the overall growth of all the students. It is for this reason that Dasharath Bhosale SNBP invites celebrities that belong to different walks of life. Karishma interacted with students and encouraged them throughout to pursue their dreams. At the end of the event, all the students were seen happy and motivated.

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