Dhanraj Pillay Shared Words of Wisdom at SNBP · Dasharath Bhosale

Dhanraj Pillay Shared Words of Wisdom at SNBP

Originally posted on January 8, 2019 @ 5:50 am

SNBP Pune was lucky enough to get Dhanraj Pillay on the school campus. A former Indian hockey player and the former captain of the national team, Dhanraj Pillay is currently working as the manager of the Indian hockey team. He is recognized as one of the best Indian hockey players of all time and is also a member of the Indian hockey federation’s ad hoc committee.

Highlighting the scope as a sportsperson

Dasharath Bhosale, the founder of SNBP, was keen to invite Mr. Dhanraj Pillay so that he can throw some light on the scope and current scenario of the sports industry. Dhanraj Pillay has spent over 15 years as a part of the Indian hockey team and represented India on several international platforms. Dasharath Bhosale SNBP knew that he is the best person to spread awareness and encourage children to take sports seriously. Sports not only promote physical well-being, but it can also lay the foundation of a strong future.

Insights into the hockey world

As a premier international school in Pune, SNBP has hosted many sports personality in the campus. Dhanraj Pillay is a person that knows the nitty-gritty of hockey like no other. He was courteous enough to feed the curiosity of young minds by answering most of their questions. Some students even took his autograph, while others took a picture with him.

According to Dasharath Bhosale, such celebrity visits should be held frequently so that students can interact with sought leaders and dare to dream big.

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