DEVYANI BHOSALE, Director SNBP - Daughter of Dasharath Bhosale, Chairman SNBP


Originally posted on January 11, 2019 @ 9:33 am

Devyani Bhosale, Director of SNBP

“Education is a powerful tool that can enlighten the children of our society and make them a better human being. The foundation of SNBP International School Pune was laid in the year 1997 with a view to impart quality education to all the children that belong to different strata of the society. Our chain of educational institutes doesn’t just educate children, but they also make them a good citizen. We take great pride in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow with utmost care and dedication.”- says the director of SNBP.

Children’s mind is full of doubts and tons of questions. Shaping the young minds and feeding their curiosity in a gentle way is an art in which our teaching staff has excelled. The equal contributions from the founding members, top management, teaching staff, and all other participating members have made SNBP one of the best international schools in Pune.

We always wish to see our school campus brimming with the joyous faces of young minds that will be the change creators of tomorrow. To make the children competitive and a perfect fit for today’s challenging environment, we lay equal emphasis on honing their social skills, critical thinking abilities, communication skills, and many other relevant skills apart from providing the best academic services.

Our educational institutes are looked upon as the best schools in Pune today because we believe in motivating the students even on the smallest achievement. It boosts their confidence and fuels their desire to do better in life. At SNBP, the children are looked after by experts, prepared by sought leaders, and developed into pioneers.

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