Atul Kulkarni’s Special Visit at SNBP Had Something for Everyone · Dasharath Bhosale

Atul Kulkarni’s Special Visit at SNBP Had Something for Everyone

Originally posted on February 18, 2019 @ 1:30 pm

Though everyone knows that Atul Kulkarni is a mind-blowing Bollywood actor, very few people know that he is a philanthropist too. He is one actor that has worked in movies belonging to different geographies and regional language. Apart from Hindi, he has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, English, and Odia movies too. Atul Kulkarni also runs Quest Education Support Trust, an organization that runs several workshops to train teachers. He does it to improve the quality of education delivered to children.

Nurturing the young minds together

Dasharath Bhosale SNBP and Atul Kulkarni had same synergies as both of them aim to provide quality education to children. It is one of the many reasons that made Dasharath Bhosale invite the actor cum philanthropist at SNBP. What made this celebrity visit unique was that even teachers ended up gaining some great insights and got some amazing tips from him. He shared some tips to become more effective that can upgrade the quality of education delivered by the teachers.

The visit witnessed a series of fun events

SNBP Pune experienced a great day as it was filled with learning and fun. Students were seen excited and happy, as they not only got a chance to click pictures with Atul Kulkarni, but they were also shown the right path to achieve success by him. Encouraging students and molding them to do something extraordinarily good in life through such celebrity visits is what make SNBP unique and a premier international school in Pune.

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